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Timely Update: We know that many of you are practicing social distancing in the midst of uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus. We are committed to making sure you receive support, and thus, we have expanded our online counseling services to accommodate your needs. Wellspring continues to provide tele-health services as needed. Your health is of the utmost importance, and our counselors are ready to seamlessly meet with you online.

– The Wellspring Team

Why Online Counseling?

Online counseling is a great alternative when face-to-face appointments are not an option. While we do believe that face-to-face counseling provides the best environment for growth, we also realize that this is not always possible. Whether you’re traveling or facing an illness, online counseling allows you to receive services consistently despite varying life circumstances. In counseling, consistency is important for growth and lasting change. Online counseling allows you to receive professional services from the comfort of your home.

What You can Expect from Online Counseling

Online counseling services are performed through a HIPAA-compliant video service, allowing you to see your counselor as if you were face-to-face. You will receive an email from your counselor with a link to click on, which will launch the video and begin your session. You will need access to a device that has both audio and video services.

Online counseling requires you to be in a private, confidential setting (as opposed to a coffee shop, library, or other public space). You can expect the best results from your online counseling appointment when you’re in a quiet area and have a high speed internet connection. If you have children at home or your appointment is scheduled on a lunch break at work, you can even just hop in your car for a quiet and confidential setting!

Who can benefit from Wellspring’s Online Counseling?

Online counseling l Greenville, SC 29615 l Individual counseling

Online counseling is most suitable for older children (10 and above), teenagers, and adults. Ideally, clients who are local to the Greenville, SC area would be able to come in for face-to-face appointments the majority of the time, and use online counseling services in specific situations (such as illness or travel). However, Wellspring Counseling is licensed to provide services to the state of South Carolina. Anyone who resides in South Carolina (and whose needs can be met by one of our counselors) can utilize our online counseling services.

Begin Online Counseling in South Carolina

If you need to grow and improve your emotional or relational life and you believe that online counseling is key to the process, our skilled therapists can help. Reach out today, from anywhere in South Carolina, and begin online counseling. And remember – if you’re local to Greenville, SC, you can come into our counseling practice for face-to-face visits when you’re able to.

Online Counseling l Greenville, SC 29615 l From your own Home

Our Services at Wellspring Counseling

Wellspring Counseling is located in Greenville, SC, offering a variety of therapeutic services. We focus on helping children, teenagers and adults by striving to be a source for emotional health and improved relationships. Our team of skilled counselors focus on on serving our community with  anxiety treatment, couples & marriage counseling, Christian counseling, depression treatment, trauma therapy, parent consulting, family counseling and counseling for teens & children.