Your marriage is struggling.

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What happened to my marriage?

Somehow, the emotional intimacy and joy of “life together” with the person you’ve invested so much in seems all but gone. But where did it go, and how? If you’ve asked these questions like we have, join us in the camp of being a normal human. But being normal isn’t always fun. In fact, this gets pretty frustrating and quite lonely.

Nobody plans for frustrations, fighting or distance to overtake your marriage. But I promise you, these problems are far more common than you realize. 

Maybe something pushed your relationship over-the-edge recently: words that crossed the line, the threat of separation or divorce, or the discovery of a painful secret or betrayal. Or maybe it’s just been the slow erosion of bad communication, different styles for handling conflict, or an overwhelming busyness that comes with all the other demands of life.

Your marriage doesn’t have to be like this.

Yes, it’s going to take doing things differently, sometimes very differently. But you can do it, if you’re both up to the challenge. In fact, you are “wired” and made for this kind of deeper, safer connection. Here’s the good news: The last few decades have brought an explosion of marital research and empirically validated counseling approaches to help couples work through disconnection and find more joy together. 

How does marriage counseling work?

We work with couples using the widely acclaimed, evidenced-based Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). EFT is a structured counseling approach that helps couples reconnect and restore their marriage. The process includes the following steps:

·         First, we help you slow-down the patterns of disconnection, fighting and distance that have overtaken the best parts of your relationship.

·         Second, you will begin to communicate in healthier ways that take into consideration your deeper emotions.

·         Third, we support you to take new risks with each other to build a stronger bond than you’ve ever had so you can solve your problems together.

We are very active in our marriage counseling sessions with you. So come willing and ready to work. We make sure, first, that you each take ownership for how you’ve contributed to relationship so far, and, second, that you can each take steps to build a better connection. 

Who’s to blame?  

It takes 2 to tango in any relationship, so we refuse to label just one person as “the problem.” But we’re honest about the impact each person has contributed to one another. Not all contributions are created equally, but we all play a role in our relationship. As your couple’s counselor, we stay balanced and keep your relationship (not one person over the other) as our client. 

Whatever has happened, you’re still human. We all get stuck in negative interactive patterns. We will view you from a no-blame, no-judgment perspective. 

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