Who We Are

Margaret Kay Ko, LPC

Margaret Kay provides children as young as 6 creative and therapeutic modalities such as play therapy, and supports teens and young adults through life’s major stressors.

Russ Rinehart, LPC/A

Russ works with couples, individual adults, teenagers and families, and has a special focus with men's issues.

Elizabeth Robison, LPC

Elizabeth offers marriage counseling, premarital counseling, and individual counseling for anxiety, depression and grief.

Adam Cowan, LPC/A

Adam focuses on helping teens, young adults and children develop skills to grow during life's stress, changes and emotional difficulties.

Davie Brenegar, LPC/A

Davie offers counseling for teenagers, parents, individual adults and couples to help them overcome relational stress, anxiety, depression and trauma.

Buddy Blount, LPC, LAC

Buddy works with children and adults who face anxiety, depression, and behavioral concerns. He holds specialties in the areas of trauma and substance use.

Jonathan Kittel, LPC/S, LMFT/S

Jonathan specializes in helping disconnected couples, overwhelmed parents, as well as stressed and angry teenage boys.

What We Do

We help…

– individuals overcome anxiety & depression 

– distant couples find connection

teens & children cope with life’s challenges

parents who are overwhelmed and need guidance

Our Vision

The counselors at Wellspring share an ultimate focus: to be a source for emotional health and improved relationships

Your internal world can either be the source for much joy and life, or the center of great pain and struggle. Your thoughts, feelings, choices and closest relationships make all the difference. As the Scripture alludes, the heart is the wellspring of life (see Proverbs 4:23). 

Here’s the reality though: We often invest so much time and energy into things that just don’t matter. Yet, we believe that taking time to tend to your emotional and relational life is one of the greatest investments you can make. 

Can you relate with any of the following examples? 

  •   Feeling trapped by life’s circumstances
  •   Stuck in difficult feelings of anxiety, anger or sadness
  •   Worried because your loved one isn’t reaching their potential
  •   Frustrated at the breakdown in one of your most important relationships
  •   Wanting to live differently, but feeling helpless when it comes to doing so 

While working with any person or family requires an individualized approach, we always seek to empower our clients to achieve greater emotional health and improved relationships. We want to impact your internal and relational world in positive ways that bring lasting change. 

You can find joy again and the path to achieve a more fulfilling life. Yes, it takes hard work, commitment and support. This is why we stay focused on fostering authentic emotional health and improved relationships for our clients. 

A professional relationship with a licensed counselor gives you the combination of expert guidance and genuine support, which fosters great growth in your overall life. Our counselors are equipped with evidenced-based strategies to meet a variety of emotional & relational challenges, such as: 

 As you are guided along the path of meeting your goals, not only will you receive skills and strategies for healthy and effective coping, you will grow in profound emotional ways as you process your experiences with your counselor.

We believe counseling is a source to empower greater connection within your closest relationships. Our approach fits within a broader “attachment perspective.” We believe that deeper connection within your closest relationships is a strength, not a weakness. As Sue Johnson (founder of Emotionally Focused Therapy) remarks, your closest relationships are designed to be both a “safe haven” and “secure base.” In other words, your family is meant to make you stronger, more complete. 

In counseling we help you make improvements in your closest relationships in order to bring greater wellness. We stay focused on the entire family to bring systemic change. In addition to individual counseling, we love working with the following relationships to improve the life with those who matter most to you: 

  •      Couples
  •      Families
  •      Parents
  •      Teens & Children

The heart is the wellspring of life

– Proverbs 4:23

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